The 13 Principles of

 Wiccan Belief:


1. We practice rites to attune ourselves with the natural rhythm of life forces marked by the

phases of the Moon and the seasonal Quarters and Cross Quarters.

2. We recognize that our intelligence gives us a unique responsibility toward our environment. We seek to live in harmony with nature in ecological balance offering fulfillment to life and consciousness within an evolutionary concept.

3. We acknowledge a depth of power far greater than that apparent to the average person. Because it is far greater than ordinary it is sometimes called  ‘supernatural’, but we see it as lying within that which is naturally potential to all.

4. We conceive of the Creative Power in the universe as manifesting through polarity – as masculine and feminine – and that this same Creative Power lies in all people and functions through the interaction of  the masculine and the feminine. We value neither above the  other knowing each to be supportive of the other. We value sex as pleasure as the symbol and embodiment of life, and as one of the sources of energy used in magical practice and religious worship.

5. We recognize both outer worlds and inner, or psychological worlds sometimes known as the Spiritual World, the Collective Unconsciousness, the Inner Planes etc – and we see in the interaction of these two dimensions the basis for paranormal phenomena and magical exercises. We neglect neither dimension for the other, seeing both as necessary for our fulfillment.

6. We do not recognize any authoritarian hierarchy, but do honor those who teach, respect  those who share their greater knowledge and wisdom, and acknowledge those who have courageously given of themselves in leadership.

7. We see religion, magick and wisdom in living as being united in the way one views the world and lives within it – a world view and philosophy of life which we identify as Witchcraft – the Wiccan Way.

8. Calling oneself ‘Witch’ does not make a Witch – but neither does heredity itself, nor the collecting of titles, degrees and initiations. A Witch seek to control the forces within her/himself that make life possible in order to live wisely and without harm to others and in harmony with nature.

9. We believe in the affirmation and fulfillment of life in a continuation of evolution and development of consciousness giving meaning to the Universe we know and our personal role within it.

10.Our only animosity towards Christianity, or towards any other religion or philosophy of

life, is to the extent that its institutions have claimed to be ‘the only way’ and have sought to deny freedom to others

 and to suppress other ways of religious practice and belief.

11. As American Witches, we are not threatened by debates on the history of the craft, the origins of various terms, the legitimacy of various aspects of different traditions. We are concerned with our present and our future.

12.We do not accept the concept of absolute evil, nor do we worship any entity known as ‘Satan’ or ‘the Devil’ as defined by Christian tradition. We do not seek power through the suffering of others, nor accept that personal benefit can be derived only by denial to Another.

13.We believe that we should seek within Nature that which is contributory to our health

and well-being.

Due to Weschcke's efforts these principles were later incorporated into the army's 'Chaplains handbook' for use in the U.S. Army. Shortly after this achievement the Council of American Witches disbanded, this due mainly to the difficulties inherent in reconciling differences among its many member traditions. The 13 Principles of Wiccan Belief lived on however, and today many American Witches continue to endorse it.

Elements and directions are important in Pagan tradition and magickal practice. Each of these has specific attributes and is part of the Tarot and Astrology. According to Western European Pagan traditions, the four traditional elements correspond to the four directions. There are Native American tribes that also share this belief. Spirit (Akasha), according to some practitioners, is the spiritual power of the universe and fifth element.

Fire: This element creates and destroys. It

                  can’t exist without demolishing something and transforming it

                  into another form such as ashes, smoke, heat and light,

                  therefore, it has to be controlled. Fire purifies, energizes,

                  cleanses and is forceful. Its energy is projective, masculine,

                  and the colors are red or white. Its powers are used for

                  courage, protection, energy, strength, creativity, increasing

                  one’s personal power and banishing negativity.

Earth: This is the densest of the elements and is

                  the mother who sustains life. Its energy is receptive and

                  feminine. The element’s natures are fertility, grounding,

                  stabilizing and nurturing. Its energy is used to attract

                  prosperity, abundance, grounding, career and fertility. Its

                  colors are green or red.

Air: This element is the power of movement,

                  intelligence and refreshing. Movement sounds and flying are

                  manifestations of Air. Energy is masculine and projective.

                  Attributes are intelligence, travel, freedom, knowledge,

                  recovering lost items and study which are used to attract

                  these qualities. Its color is yellow.

Water: Healing, cleansing, psychicism and loving

                  are associated with this element. Energy is receptive and

                  feminine. Water is used for purification, psychic growth,

                  peace, love, friendships and dreams. Its colors are deep blue

                  and black.

Spirit: The name is derived from the Sanskrit word

                  “kash” which means to shine or radiate. It’s also another word

                  for Spirit, the omnipresent immutable source of all energy.

                  It’s the domain of promise, potential and paths to be

                  traveled. The energy permeates the Universe, the primal source

                  that creates and nourishes the elements. Colors are white,

                  purple and black. Akasha is transcendence. Elemental spirits

                  are angels. Much else about this spiritual element is, yet,

                  unknown or undefined.

The Lore of Power

1. The Power shall not be used to bring harm, to injure or to control others. But if the need arises, the Power shall be used to protect your life or the lives of others.

2. The Power is used only as need dictates.

3. The Power can be used for your own gain; as long as by doing so you harm none.

4. It is unwise to accept money for the use of the Power, for it quickly controls its taker. Be not as those of other religions.

5. Use not the Power for prideful gain, for such cheapens the mysteries of Wicca and Magick.

6. Ever remember that the Power is a sacred gift of the Goddess and the God, and should never be misused or abused.

7. And this is the Law of the Power.

The Three-Fold Lore


The Three-Fold Lore is the belief and principle on which magick is used. This lawrelates to the use of power and energy, for when used, power is returned to the sender, three times the level it was sent out. Used in relation with the ethos, “Do what thy wilt, though it harm none” (as stated in the Wiccan Rede),witches take great care when preparing and casting spells thatno harm should come to others because of it. The nature of this three-fold return can perhaps be better understood when considering the cause and effect principle of a spell. Let’s take an example – someone comes to you in distress with a problem, you help by sending out positive energy and the problem is successfully resolved. This automatically makes you feel good about yourself and influences your thoughts; thus your state of consciousness is altered. In turn your thoughts stir the emotions, which has a physical effect in the body by causing glandular secretions to enter into the blood stream.


The resulting state of mind and body lifts your spirit, which is what makes you feel good. Thus with the act of a single good deed, you have been effected three times, in mind, body, and spirit. This then is

your three-fold response to the return of positive energy. Now consider your response had you sent out negative energy or something went drastically wrong?

The 5 Elements