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The First Church of Ancient Crafts

As a Church we ask for you to help us carry out our mission of teaching, supporting and networking our fellow Wiccans around the world. Donations to help us do this work are gratefully appreciated.


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 As our Church has grown and will continue to grow with the help of the Gods, we wish to help bring people together to be able to meet on sabbats and esbats.


Check under the message boards for others in your area or start a local group in your area and organise meets for bonfires, sabbats, esbats, drumming,  fire pois and staff groups. Lets grow the positive energy our ways create!


'We teach that priest and priestesses shall practice heathendom, and the old forbidden wilweorthunga (fountain/spring worship), and licwiglunga (incantations of the dead), and hwata (omens), and galdra (magic), and man worship, and that people exercise the goddess in various sorts of witchcraft, and in frithspottum, and with elms and other trees, and with stones, engaged with many phantoms of all our ancestors will be done as in old.'



The purpose of this web site is to provide religious education, network building opportunities, training, help, support and camaraderie for those interested in Wicca and the Heathen lifestyle world wide. We are one world and all one people, knowing that balance in all things is the path we all follow to enlightenment, magickal powers and knowledge. Duality is the nature of the universe we live in. Those who follow this spiritual path are blessed by God, the Goddess and our Ancestoral Earth Spirits.



-All Wiccans are Witches, but not all Witches are Wiccan

Wica - Male
Wice - Female


-Heathen Council of the Wise



- a non freemason, christian, muslim, jew, hindu, buddhist or pagan.

-the others from outside of the Ancient Roman Empire's walls.

-the builders and designers of the ancient stone circles, stone and earth pyramids made world wide. These sacred places were used for worship by the Heathen people of their Gods, Goddesses, Ancestoral Spirits, Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars.

Our Lady Ephesus High Priestess

Founder of The First Church of Ancient Crafts

Our Lord RaVeN High Priest

Founder of The First Church of Ancient Crafts